FarmQA, Farm with control.

FarmQA is a suite of industry-leading intelligence applications and devices that connects data from the best soil, plant, machine, animal, and processing applications into a single, easy-to-use dashboard. Our solutions help large-scale growers measure, analyze, adjust, and ultimately manage the whole farm with greater predictability and control.

Photo computers running FarmQA Controller

FarmQA Controller

FarmQA Controller is the heart of your operation. Controller allows you to monitor all aspects of your operation.

  1. Intuitive map-based dashboard
  2. Supremely scalable and flexible
  3. Repository for farm operational data
  4. Support for advanced analytics

Seed Monitoring

What percentage of the seed and fertilizer that you plan to plant is applied properly to the field?

  1. An estimated 20% of seed is not properly seeded
  2. An estimated 20% of fertilizer is not properly applied
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Disease Prediction

Spot on advice about using chemicals. Know when, where and what type of chemical you need to apply.

  1. Interactive map
  2. Overview of advice
  3. Disease graph with period filter
  4. Directly record new observations
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Soil Sensor Lab

Soil Lab is a spectral lab producing results at 1/4 the price of conventional labs within 24 hours.

  1. Full nutrient analysis for each sample
  2. Results within 24 hours
  3. 1/4 the cost
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Soil Samplers

class="fqaProduct-description"> FarmQA soil samplers are available for a wide variety of mountings, in both auger and direct push-based configurations.

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For immediate mobile nitrate testing in the field, our portable Soil Scan is perfect for the job.

  1. Measures in-season nitrate levels
  2. On-site soil nitrate and pH analysis
  3. Fast and accurate results
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AquaSpy brings you the first multi-sensor probe in the world to automatically calculate root depth, the active root zone, and separate moisture from conductivity.

  1. Optimize crop health
  2. Reduce input costs
  3. Increase yields
  4. Increase profitability
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Soil Compaction Mapping

Ensure that your crops are not growing in concrete. We offer the best in soil compaction testings up to 300psi.

  1. Accurately measure compaction at depth
  2. Compaction mapping and analysis
  3. Mobile application captures location and compaction information
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Get the most up-to-date weather information for your fields.

  1. Accurate tempature, humidity and rainfall
  2. Enhanced input to Disease Prediction
  3. See historical weather trends for your fields
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