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FarmQA Scouting

Mobile field and crop scouting done your way

The FarmQA Scouting mobile app is made for you. FarmQA Scouting's innovative customizable templates allow you to create scouting orders specific to a crop or field.

Template designer

The template editor provides an east to use, interface that lets you quickly add scouting questions. A drag-n-drop interfaces lets you quickly rearrange questions.

An innovative live preview shows you what the scout will see on the FarmQA Scouting mobile app.

You can define templates for each different crop you grow and even specify different templates for specific problem fields. Whatever you want, you can do with our flexible designer.


The Scouting app allows your scouts to take geo-tagged photos of any issues they find. The photos are available to you in FarmQA Controller for review.

Map annotations

Need to know precisely where an issue is? Just have your scouts use FarmQA Scouting's draw on map functionality to precisely annotate the extent of the issue.

Ready to demo FarmQA Scouting?

While we don't have an automated way of getting you up and running, we do have Ben. Ben is super friendly and will get up and running on FarmQA Scouting in no time.

Just give us call at +1.701.237.2167 or e-mail