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When it comes to spotting disease and recommending treatment, no two crops are created equal. With FarmQA, you can easily track and manage the things you want and need to. And nothing more.

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  1. Flexible templates

    No more paging through conditions that don’t apply. Quickly create the form you need for any crop and easily modify throughout the growing season.

  2. Efficient In-field Data Entry

    Take pictures and pin the location of any issue. Touch-enabled pick lists, sliders and text entry make data capture fast and easy. No connectivity? No problem. Scout from a remote field and submit the report later when you're back online.

  3. Crop treatment recommendations and advice

    Reusable tank mixes and user-defined products let you quickly write and send crop treatment and spray recommendations to growers with ease.

  4. Top-notch grower reports and communications

    Deliver complete, get reports for your growers that combine scouting detail, images and your value-added commentary and advice. Easily text reports between IOS and Android platforms and keep everyone on the same page.

  5. See it all in one map-based dashboard

    View all aspects of the operation in a single view including fields, crop scouting reports, weather stations and more – right within a secure web portal. Controller is the ag intelligence platform behind the scenes that makes it all possible.

  6. Get up and running quickly

    If you’re using a software solution that isn't meeting your needs, you can easily switch to FarmQA. We have onboarding tools to automate the process of transferring field boundaries and grower information. You'll be up and running in minutes.

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