FarmQA, Farm with control.

Bringing real-time, predictive control to agriculture.

Who we are

FarmQA is a do-it-yourself suite of industry leading devices and an intelligent solution to help you manage your whole farm with greater control.

What we do

FarmQA connects data from the best soil, plant, machine, animal, and processing applications into a single, easy-to-use dashboard. Role-tailored to meet the unique needs of each user, FarmQA helps you measure, analyze, adjust, and ultimately manage your whole farm with greater predictability and control.

Image of 3 identical sunflowers to illustrate the concept of consistency


Decrease crop variability by managing plant health risk. Forecast fungal diseases to prevent crop losses and maximize fungicide applications with FarmQA Disease Prediction.

An image of a blue ribbon for quality


Increase crop quality by scouting fields or desease, pest and weeds using the FarmQA Scouting mobile app.

An image of a set of stalks of grain increasing in quanitity to illustrate higher yields.


Drive higher yields by assuring nutrient root demand is met at the growth stage when and where it is needed with the FarmQA AquaSpy moisture probe.

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Process standardization

FarmQA Soil Sensor Lab ensures that all soil analysis are done identically regardless of location and technician.

Take repeatable, mechanized soil compaction readings using the FarmQA CTS1000.

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Leverage AquaSpy moisture probe technology to reduce nitrate and crop protection chemicals contaminating groundwater by measuring the electrical conductivity in the root zone profile.

Test soil and groundwater runoff for nitrate using the FarmQA N-Sight solution.

Image of a tractor taking a crazy path.

Machine and equipment tracking

Use the FarmQA Seeder Monitoring System to track equipment and collect as-applied data down to the geo-tagged spot in the field. View unlimited numbers of machines simultaneiously.

Image of a map with fields in different colors.

Crop planning

Import shapefiles of Rx, yield, seeding, compaction, topographical and cover crop maps to build your off-season strategy.

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Supply management and forecasting

Estimate crop size more accurately for shipments to channel processing/retail with FarmQA Weather. Collect weather data live from weather stations to implement crop models and build historical correlations.

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Production transparency

See fertility, compaction, NDVI, in-season nitrate, disease, and moisture data down to the intro-field level with the FarmQA Controller; available to all in the organization.