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The app for beet haulers. Now available.

Few things are more frustrating (and costly) than delays and lost drivers during the harvest season. FarmQA's handy field entrance app will help get your seasonal employees where they need to be. On time. Works great when field locations change or to share "meetup" locations during shift changes - especially during those 24-hour haul days.

Icon indicating field entrances

Mark Field Entrances

Mark field entrances, piling sites or "meetup" locations for driver exchanges.

Icon indicating field entrances

Use Device Navigation

Your drivers use their device navigation system to access directions to unfamiliar sites and fields.

Icon indicating field entrances

Get Where You Need to Be

Eliminate phone calls and costly delays by getting your drivers where they need to be. On time.

Eliminate delays, phone calls, and frustration.

The field entrance feature is a hidden gem within our robust agronomy app. If you watch the video and think this navigation assistant could help you this season, call Ben at +1 701.941.2046 and he’ll help you get up and running fast. You can even try it free for 14 days.

And get step-by-step instructions here.

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