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Past webinars

  • Next-Level Scouting: FarmQA Enhancements for #GROW24

    In this information-packed session, we’ll take a look at new features that will streamline your scouting workflow and data collection this growing season:

    • Effortless Scouting on the Go: Edit scouting reports with ease directly from your mobile device, saving you valuable time in the field.
    • Visualize Your Data Like Never Before: Integrate high-impact imagery directly into your scouting PDFs, providing a clearer picture of crop health and potential issues.
    • Map Your Way to Success: Utilize the intuitive map-drawing feature to pinpoint areas of concern and bring them to the forefront on the main map view.
    • Consolidated Reporting Made Easy: See how we’ve improved reports for maximum efficiency, allowing you to generate comprehensive reports with greater clarity.
    • Effective Collaboration: Use internal notes and questions to foster seamless collaboration within your team and address field observations effectively.
    • Get the Full Picture: Generate scouting PDFs that showcase a full-page map, providing a holistic view of your scouting data for clear and concise communication.

    Don't miss this opportunity to drive up efficiency in your scouting processes this year!

  • Streamline Application Work Order Processes with FarmQA

    Coordinate the team & ensure nothing falls through the cracks this season!

    This webinar dives into how FarmQA helps you efficiently dispatch your team and manage records for all chemical and other application processes. You'll learn how to:

    • Set up & assign spray work orders: Clearly define tasks and delegate work for optimal crew productivity.
    • Track progress in real-time: Monitor team activity and ensure all areas are covered.
    • Simplify record keeping & compliance: Maintain accurate application logs effortlessly.

    Stop wasting time on logistics! Register now and see how FarmQA can optimize your operations.

  • How to Use Sentinel-2 Imagery within FarmQA

    Want to leverage satellite imagery for smarter, data-driven crop advice?

    This webinar dives into how FarmQA integrates with Sentinel, the leading Earth observation program from the European Union. Get real-time, global field insights to optimize crop planning, soil health, and more.

    Join Sr. Technical Specials, Ben Munson, and discover how FarmQA and Sentinel imagery can help you:

    • Create customized zones and prescriptions: Develop field-specific plans for variable rate applications.
    • Monitor crop growth continuously: Track vegetative changes for informed decision-making.
    • Gain year-over-year insights: Analyze crop development trends across plots and fields.
    • Deliver superior precision agriculture services to your growers.
  • Streamline and Simplify Crop Planning

    Don’t miss this opportunity to improve the efficiency in your crop planning services! Join us for an exclusive webinar on mastering crop and field planning with FarmQA! Discover essential techniques for seamless planning, including:

    • Setting up customizable crop templates
    • Efficiently applying templates to fields
    • Activating your tailored plan
    • Crafting customized crop plans tailored to your specific needs, factoring in vital elements like soil fertility and previous year's production
    • Creating tasks and workflows directly from your plans, enhancing communication and coordination with growers
    • Learning how to estimate costs, track progress against the plan, and effectively manage tasks, ensuring optimal crop management and maximizing productivity
    • Exporting plans for in-depth analysis and seamless sharing with your growers
    • Accessing and managing crop plans on the go with FarmQA's mobile app, giving you the freedom to make decisions anytime, anywhere

    You'll also see how to seamlessly integrate shopping lists for required inputs, adjust acreages on the fly, and generate actionable recommendations based on data-driven insights. Register now to secure your spot.

  • Getting Ready for a New Year (Planning)

    This webinar will help you prepare your ag service business for the new year. This is the time of year when you’re taking a look at the past season and using that insight to make plans for the next. This webinar will help you make the most of FarmQA to get your crop plans prepared and delivered to your growers for a new growing season.

    In this webinar, we’ll cover how to:

    • Set up or adjust your grower organization structures
    • Adjust field boundaries and field changes
    • Create a crop plan using growing season, crops, varieties and more
    • Share the plan with your grower
  • What's new in FarmQA (December 2023)

    This webinar will help you get familiar with key functionality we released in 2023, so you're ready for 2024! We've added a lot this year, so we're planning for 60 minutes which includes time for Q&A.

    Join technical specialist Nick Birkhimer as he covers:

    • Updates to prescription writing/zone creation workflow
    • Spray records
    • Updated soil sampling workflow
    • And much, much more!
  • Maximizing Efficiency for Cooperative Agronomists

    Are you an agronomist at a cooperative, tasked with managing vast acres and assisting numerous growers? Join us for a game-changing webinar designed to help you streamline your efforts and achieve peak productivity.

    In this comprehensive session, we will guide you through essential tools and strategies tailored to the cooperative environment. Learn how to zero in on critical areas and optimize your workflow for maximum impact. Attend to:

    • Uncover efficient methods for precise soil sampling, ensuring targeted nutrient application
    • Generate detailed load sheets to determine product application quantities and locations
    • Explore task management, dispatch, and progress maps to effectively oversee and allocate resources
    • Get familiar with FarmQA’s recommendation writing and scouting functionality
    • Leverage infield imagery to make data-driven decisions
    • Discover the benefits of offering branded grower portals for enhanced collaboration

    Our mission is to empower you with the tools and knowledge to thrive in the cooperative agronomy landscape. Join us and revolutionize your approach to managing large acres, assisting multiple growers, and achieving unparalleled efficiency. Watch on demand now.

  • The Value of Precision Soil Sampling

    Join Ben Munson, Senior Technology Specialist with FarmQA, and Jodi Boe, Certified Crop Advisor with AGVISE Laboratories, in this must-attend webinar dedicated to providing invaluable insights and recommendations for soil health and nutrient management. Topics include:

    • The importance of soil sampling with real-life, cost-saving examples
    • Using FarmQA for precision zone, grid, and composite sampling
    • Optimizing task management for streamlined sampling processes
    • Gaining insights into interpreting sampling results and providing recommendations
    • Mastering FarmQA for custom prescription writing and fertility planning

    Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your consulting services and empower growers with superior guidance. Watch on demand now.

  • FROM DATA TO DECISIONS: Leveraging Planet Imagery and FarmQA for Precision Agriculture

    You know the importance of real-time access to the right data when it comes to helping your customers make informed crop management decisions. That’s why Planet and FarmQA have partnered to deliver high-frequency satellite imagery to our customers to deliver the information you need to make better crop planning and soil health decisions.

    If you’re looking for a more efficient way to provide field-specific application plans to your customers, you won't want to miss this exclusive webinar. Join Ehren Lundgren, Planet, and Ben Munson, FarmQA, for this exclusive webinar as they discuss how FarmQA and Planet imagery can help you:

    • Create tailored variable rate management zones and prescriptions to develop field-specific crop application plans
    • Regularly and consistently monitor crop development via vegetative changes
    • Use analytics to compare crop or variety development on plots or fields year-over-year
    • Deliver better precision ag services to your growers

    Watch on demand at your convenience.

  • Gear Up for Soil Sampling Season with FarmQA: Precision & Efficiency Amplified

    As the soil sampling season rapidly approaches, it's imperative for agricultural experts and service providers to be equipped with the best tools and techniques. Recognizing the significance of yearly soil tests in predicting nutrient availability for the upcoming crop cycle is just the start. From hands-on soil sample gathering to in-depth soil data interpretation, accuracy in sampling is pivotal to unveil the true nature of nutrient fluctuations over seasons.

    FarmQA helps ensure precision and efficiency in these important processes with innovative features tailored specifically for the forthcoming soil sampling season.

    This session covered:

    • Strategies for defining, pinpointing, and monitoring soil sampling sites, be it by zone, grid, or composite methods
    • How to utilize geo markers for hassle-free navigation to recurrent sampling locations year after year
    • Methods to streamline the upload process for data sets, including sampling points and zone maps
    • Optimal ways to structure and assign tasks with our revamped task management capability.
    • Ways to create custom management zones and draft variable rate prescriptions with ease
    • How to use barcodes for GPS-tracked sample location monitoring
    • How to gain insights from soil data trends over periods, enabling proactive decision-making
  • Elevate Ag Service with FarmQA Analytics

    Explore new features, practical applications, and get your questions about FarmQA Analytics answered. This 30-minute session aims to provide you with an in-depth understanding of the latest capabilities of Analytics and how they can transform your service offering with data-

    In this webinar, we’ll delve into:

    • Latest Enhancements: Get the lowdown on the most recent updates and enhancements in FarmQA Analytics. Understand how these improvements can drive productivity and deliver insight.
    • Innovative Use Cases: Learn how to leverage FarmQA Analytics to make data-backed decisions and streamline your operations. Get real-life examples to envision how our platform can give your consulting services a competitive edge.
    • Getting Started Guide: New to FarmQA Analytics or want a quick refresher? We've got you covered! We'll walk you through the basics so you leave with the confidence to effectively use FarmQA Analytics to its full potential.

    Join us for this unique opportunity to learn, discuss, and grow with FarmQA Analytics. Learn how to transform your decision making with data and insight. Reserve your spot today.

  • Unleash the Power of FarmQA Tasks

    Streamline your operations for maximum efficiency. In this session, we’ll dive into the features and use cases for FarmQA tasks, and showcase how you can ensure that your fields get scouted, your soil samples collected, and your chemical products applied properly by assigning tasks to the members of your organization.

    During this 30-minute quick fire course, you’ll gain insights into how using tasks can improve efficiency in your day-to-day operations, dial up client satisfaction, and drive data-driven decision-making.

    Here's what you can expect:

    • Learn how FarmQA tasks enable you to optimize your work processes.
    • See how FarmQA tasks facilitates real-time information sharing, task delegation, progress tracking, and enhances collaboration to streamline your service operations and exceed client expectations.
    • Explore real-world use cases and learn how to optimize resource allocation and improve task management, so you never miss a step in your day-to-day operations.
    • Get your questions ready for our live Q&A session and get clarification on any queries or challenges you may have regarding the implementation and utilization of FarmQA tasks in your business.

    FarmQA tasks streamline agronomy and agriculture-specific workflow alongside the rest of your work so that no work is missed.

  • What's new in FarmQA (March 2023)

    Join us to take a look at the latest FarmQA features so you can put them into action this year! In this "can’t miss" session, we’ll show you how to use FarmQA to:

    • Assign and complete tasks from the FarmQA mobile app
    • Manage your team from the Daily Task page
    • Use soils data or Planet imagery to create management zones
    • Write fertility prescriptions using management zones
  • Getting Ready for 2023 (Planning)

    Back by popular demand, this webinar will help you prepare your ag service business for the new year. This is the time of year when you’re taking a look at the past season and using that insight to make plans for the next. This webinar will help you make the most of FarmQA to get your crop plans prepared and delivered to your growers for the 2023 growing season.

    In this webinar, we’ll cover how to:

    • Set up or adjust your grower organization structures
    • Adjust field boundaries and field changes
    • Create a crop plan using growing season, crops, varieties and more
    • Share the plan with your grower
  • What’s New in FarmQA – Quarterly Update

    It’s been a bit since our last “What’s New,” so this is one you won’t want to miss! We’re looking forward to sharing the details on all the latest FarmQA enhancements. In this “can’t miss” session, we’ll cover:

    • Making the most of satellite imagery capabilities including NDRE
    • Exporting field boundaries
    • Using custom markers for insect traps, sampling locations and more
    • Managing work assignments by creating and assigning tasks for scouting, recommendations and more
    • Getting insight from your Analytics dashboard
    • Plus, a plethora of other features like custom filters designed to make you more productive
  • Retailers: Gain a Competitive Edge—Expand Your Agronomy Services with FarmQA

    There are three key ways that you can gain a competitive edge when it comes to agronomic services. 1) Increase Your Service offering, 2) Deliver Your Services More Efficiently, and 3) Share Data with Transparency. Watch as Sr. Technology Specialist Ben Munson showcases how FarmQA can help with all three. From crop plans, soil sampling and variable rate prescriptions to task and workflow management, to branded grower portals and comparative analytics, you and your growers will benefit from FarmQA's robust capabilities. Your business will benefit by the competitive edge you gain through new service offerings and greater productivity by agronomy staff and seasonal or temporary help alike.

  • Precision Soil Sampling: Using FarmQA to Drive Efficiency

    As a grower or ag service provider, you know the importance of doing annual soil tests to determine plant-available nutrients for next year’s crop. Whether you’re collecting your own samples, or evaluating soil data and providing prescription advice, precision sampling provides a more accurate picture of nutrient availability and the variation of that from year-to-year. We’ve added new features to make managing soil sampling with FarmQA even more efficient in the upcoming year. Now’s a great time to see how to be more efficient.

    In this webinar, we’ll cover how to:

    • Define, mark and track soil sampling locations for consistent monitoring by zone, grid or composite sampling
    • Set geo markers to easily navigate to sampling points year-to-year
    • Upload data sets including sampling points and zone maps
    • Create custom management zones and write any variable rate prescriptions
    • Manage work assignments by creating and assigning tasks
    • Scan barcodes to track sample locations using GPS
    • View soil data trends over time to take action
  • Virtual Roundtable: Emerging Technologies for Ag Input Manufacturers

    In this webinar, Meri Mullins from Biome Makers visits with Jane Fife, Chief Technical Officer at 3Bar, and Ben Munson, Senior Technology Specialist at FarmQA, Inc, to discuss how new and advanced technologies are changing the landscape of ag input manufacturing and influencing soil health worldwide.

    We will explore some of the pain points innovative biological manufacturers face and shed some light on how different companies are supporting ag input manufacturers in research and development, manufacturing and distribution, and sales and marketing.

    In this webinar, you can learn more about:

    • The life cycle of developing and commercializing a product
    • Innovative strategies in product research & development of ag inputs
    • Developing a predictably effective and sustainable product
    • Marketing in the face of the stigma of “snake oil”
    • Differentiating products for consumers
  • Connecting FarmQA to a Planet of Imagery

    We understand the importance of real time data when it comes to our customers making informed crop management decisions. That's why we have partnered with Planet, the leader in Earth imagery. In this webinar, you will learn how our integration with Planets Imagery can help you:

    • Prevent yield loss
    • Save time and money with directed scouting
    • Monitor crop development and have improved crop planning
    • And more!

    We will also show you how easy it is to set up your field with Planet Imagery

  • Using FarmQA for Making Application Decisions

    Fungicide/insecticide application is an added expense and use of labor that, if applied unnecessary, can cut into your bottom line. In this webinar, we will cover how you can use FarmQA to collect scouting information such as

    • Crop development
    • Plant population
    • Disease pressure

    We will also cover crop/ variety and planting dates, accumulated GDU’s, and our crop rotation tab.

  • What's New in FarmQA Summer 2022

    Get a deep-dive on the latest feature lineup and a preview of what's ahead, including:

    • Adding insect traps
    • Calculating plant populations
    • Saving time with batch scouting
    • Our new analytics dashboard
  • FarmQA Reporting Options

    When you're a service provider, there's nothing quite like a professional-looking report. FarmQA makes is easy to include the information you want, the way you want it, and deliver it to your customers the way THEY want it.

    In this webinar (just in time for spring in NA), we’ll cover the ins and outs of FarmQA reporting including:

    • Mastering the report layout
    • Merging and combining information
    • Grouping questions
    • Using the summary section
    • Texting and emailing reports
    • Exporting to PDF or Excel (including bulk exports)
    • Customizing with your brand
  • Deliver Better Grower Service with the FarmQA Grower Portal

    Digital record-keeping and access to agronomic data is invaluable whether you’re on the consulting side of ag business or the grower side. One of the most important use cases is for improving communication, ensuring everyone is working from the same information. You’ll see that FarmQA can help you better manage and track crop production, gain valuable insight, and provide better grower service.

    Attend this webinar and learn how to use FarmQA as a record and data repository for your growers, capturing information like:

    • Plant and harvest dates
    • Field-by-field data by growing season
    • Variable rate prescriptions
    • Event logs for harvest and plant dates, scouting reports, and recommendations

    We’ll also show you how to brand your grower portal for a more professional experience.

  • What's New in FarmQA Quarterly Update (Spring 2022)

    Get the scoop on all the latest product enhancements. Our team of engineers has been at it again and we're looking forward to sharing details about some features we know you'll be interested to learn more about.

    In this 30-min. “can’t-miss” session, we’ll cover:

    • The latest features and enhancements from Q1 2022 including:
    • Grower portal
    • Recommendation pricing
    • Starting a scouting report from previous report
    • Associating soil sampling data to pins
    • A look ahead at what’s next
    • Insights from FarmQA customers

    In addition, we’ll also capture your suggestions about features or adjustments we can make to help FarmQA serve you better.

    This webinar is ideal for FarmQA customers and for those who want to learn more about FarmQA functionality.

  • FarmQA Fundamentals: Getting Your Org in Order

    Before you can give the best advice to growers, you need to have your own business in order. Now is a great time to dig into some tips and tricks to ensure you have FarmQA set up to perform the way you want it to. This month’s webinar is a smorgasbord of FarmQA Fundamentals and reminders for structuring your organization including:

    • Creating grower trees
    • Adding new crops and varieties
    • Adding Users
    • Uploading a logo
  • Measuring and Tracking Soil Health

    A tale as old as time. A topic as old as dirt. Long before carbon credits and sustainability became the phrase de jour, growers and agronomists have known that a healthy crop starts with healthy soil.

    Helping your growers manage soil health is important for many reasons including reduced erosion, improved nutrient management, and perhaps most important of all - saving money on inputs. Spreadsheets are an perfectly fine tool for record keeping, but when you need a way to look at soil data trends over time and take action, you’ll see there’s a much better way.

    Attend this webinar and learn how to use FarmQA to:

    • Mark and track soil sampling locations for consistent monitoring
    • Easily navigate to sampling points year-to-year
    • Upload sampling points and zone maps
    • Upload existing soil data
    • View soil data trends over time to take action
    • Grant your growers access to their soil records
  • Data Integrations? You betcha!

    Make the most of your FarmQA subscription when you import the data you want and need and see how the information can make FarmQA even more valuable to your ag service business. Nick will cover topics like:

    • Applications of having soil, fertility, and weather data in FarmQA.
    • How to get soil and fertility data uploaded to your account.
    • How to easily share information with growers via the Grower Portal.
    • How to add sensors and how to view the data.
    • Specifics around CTS-1000, AquaSpy, Weather Station and Soil Moisture Probe integrations.
  • Setting Up and Sharing Chemical Recommendations

    FarmQA Advice lets agronomists, easily and quickly write crop treatment recommendations for growers or applicators. In this webinar, you’ll see how to streamline the process of going from field scouting to providing chemical recommendations in a snap. This webinar will cover steps like:

    • How to add chemical products lists – including product imports from the EPA or .CSV
    • How to create custom tank mixes per crop
    • How to write, view, edit, complete and share recommendations
    • How to generate reports that include product total calculations
  • Customizing Scouting Forms

    When it comes to spotting diseases, insects and weeds, no two crops are created equal. With FarmQA, you can easily track and document the things you want and need to.

    Attend this webinar and learn:

    • How scouting templates work and how to set them up to work for you
    • How to create templates and forms that are specific to your crops and region
    • How templates can be adaptive through the season to always be relevant
    • How to modify templates and forms to collect data beyond traditional scouting information

    If you’re new to FarmQA or just need a refresher heading into 2022, you’re sure to learn something new. If you’re using FarmQA for the first time, we recommend you also view the Scouting overview webinar (Feet on the Ground, Insight Everywhere).

  • What's New in FarmQA - Quarterly Update

    Get the scoop on all the latest product enhancements! Whether you’re using FarmQA or just thinking about it, the engineering team continues to WOW us with the features they’re adding and we’re excited to showcase what they’ve been up to.

    In this 30-min. “can’t-miss” session, we’ll cover:

    • The latest features and enhancements from Q4 2021
    • A look ahead at what’s next
    • Insights from FarmQA customers

    In addition, we’ll also capture your suggestions about features or adjustments we can make to help FarmQA serve you better.

    This webinar is ideal for FarmQA customers and for those who want to learn more about FarmQA functionality.

  • Crop Planning for 2022

    Alexander Graham Bell may have said it best: “Before anything else, preparation is the key to success” and as an ag service provider, no one knows this better than you! For most regions, this is the time of year when planning gets in full swing. We want to help ensure you’re making the most of FarmQA to get your crop plans prepared and delivered to your growers for the 2022 growing season.

    In this webinar, we’ll cover how to:

    • Set up or adjust your grower organization structures
    • Adjust field boundaries and field changes
    • Create a crop plan using growing season, crops, varieties and more
    • Share the plan with your grower

    This webinar is ideal whether you’re currently using FarmQA or you want to learn what tasks FarmQA can help you tackle.

  • All The Things We Haven't Covered

    Watch Ben walk through all of the cool little features that we like to think makes us the best agronomy software for your agribusiness. Things like field entrance finder and navigation to fields, yield estimation, analytics for yield estimation, merged crop and field scouting reports when you have multiple scouts, viewing scouting report map drawings as a layer, advanced sorting and filtering within the list of fields, growing seasons and crop planning, varieties and more. (30 min)

  • How Analytics Can Transform Your Agronomy Service Offering

    See how to make sense of dense crop and field scouting data to more easily extract useful insights for your growers and to make your agronomy agribusiness shine.

  • Convert Field Data Layers into Useful Knowledge

    Discover how to use advanced spatial layer visualizations to spot and diagnose problems in your grower's fields and crops. (30 minutes)

  • Feet on the Ground, Insight Everywhere

    A closer look at FarmQA Scouting. Scouting your grower's fields is an excellent way of staying on top of all of their issues (30 min)

  • Translate Recommendations into Grower Value

    A deep-dive on FarmQA Advice for chemical treatment mixes and agronomy recommendations and prescriptions to advance your agribusiness. (30 min)

  • Using Technology to Yield Agronomy Service Growth

    A look at how FarmQA can help improve your agronomy service practice and expand your agribusiness. (60 min)

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