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FarmQA Advice

Easily provide crop treatment recommendations electronically

FarmQA Advice lets you, the crop advisor, easily and quickly write crop treatment recommendations for your grower's crops. Streamline the process of going from field scouting to providing chemical recommendations in a snap. Move from pen and paper recommendations to digital crop treatment recommendations for your growers.

3 mobile devices display the FarmQA crop treatment app functionality
$42 / user / month

Crop treatment recommendations and advice

With FarmQA, providing recommendations and advice is a snap from both FarmQA Scouting and within FarmQA Controller. Choose the products, rates, mixing instructions, and application notes as well as detail the time frames and urgency of the recommendation.

Find historical recommendations with ease using our search capabilities.

An image of a set of mobile devices showing FarmQA Advice

Electronic reporting

Send recommendations via SMS or email to growers in PDF format for each field. Recommendations reports include a list of chemicals, instruction order, and automatic totals based on the size of the fields. Realize greater efficiency through a grouping of fields into the same report.

Example of a FarmQA Advice report showing mulitple treatment recommendations for multiple fields

Just the products you need

FarmQA allows you to define — import from Excel available — just the products you recommend. FarmQA tracks the active ingredients and the mode of action. You can also specify rainfast, REI, and PEI values and view the product labels.

Import products from the EPA by name or EPA registration.

Define pest and treatment targets for each product and search those targets when writing a recommendation.

A list of products shown on FarmQA Web and the FarmQA mobile app.

Save Time with Mixes

A mix is simply a list of products, mixing order, and instruction. When creating a new recommendation you can search through all of your mixes by crop and active ingredients. Mixes save you time and make you more efficient.

Need to tweak a mix for a specific recommendation? No problem, all of the products, rates, and mixing order can be changed.

An image that shows a screen show of a tank mix on the web and in the FarmQA Scouting mobile app

Track mode of action groups

Easily track mode of action groups for each product, and see the mode of action groups on recommendation reports. Easily see what groups have been used on a field.

A screenshot of mode of action groups for a product.

Flexibility That You Need

FarmQA Advice lets you create chemical recommendations with the same flexibility as our popular scouting app. Do you want to create a recommendation for multiple fields at once? Do you need to adjust the application rate for one of your products? Do you have specific instructions you want to be included in the report? FarmQA Advice puts you in control.

A symboil of a line curve representing flexibility

Automatically linked to Scouting

Treatment recommendations will be automatically linked to the scouting reports for the same field within a 7-day window.

Symbol representing the concept of linked scouting reports and recommendations

One on one support

We offer one on one support for all of our customers. We also like to think that we're very responsive to customer requests. Our turnaround for small feature requests and issues is generally within a week maybe longer if the problem is a bit more tricky.

Symbol of a person with a headset representing a support person

FarmQA Advice Features

Customized lists of products Yes
Tank mix creation Yes
One chemical recommendation for many fields Yes
Variable rate prescriptions from soil samples and imagery Yes
Automatically link recommendations to scouting reports Yes
Support for multiple farms Yes
PDF Recommendation Reports Yes
Support for any crop Yes
Data privacy Yes
Custom logos on reports Yes
Send PDF recommendations from mobile app Yes
Access historical recommendations in mobile app Yes
Track Rainfast, REI, and PHI Yes

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