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FarmQA provides nuts-n-bolts digital tools for agronomists and other agribusiness. See all aspects of your operation in a single view including your fields, crop scouting reports, weather data, spray records, satellite imagery and more.

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Planet imagery

FarmQA is pleased to offer our clients access to Planet’s global, high-cadence satellite imagery.

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Tracking soil fertility data

FarmQA can be a useful tool when it comes to capturing soil sampling location points and sample information.

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Analyze and Take Action on Your Data

Analytics allows you to visualize your agronomic data allowing for rapid visualization and interpretation information.

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What customers are saying about FarmQA

FarmQA had the field boundaries on a map, it had a list of the pests that I was looking for, and the one-page report was something I could feel proud to send to a grower. Read more

Hazen Palmer

Hazen Palmer - Agronomist, Simplot Grower Solutions

Previously, the grower would have to wait until the end of a day and the scouts provided a summary sheet. Now growers can watch the scouting activity as it is happening in FarmQA. They can call us while we are still in the field. This allows us to be more efficient. Read more

Dale Wells

Dale Wells -- Certified Crop Advisor, Cotton Services

FarmQA is really easy because you just send the grower the PDF. They can open it. It's got the pictures in there. It is my way of creating a paper trail and being able to document everything. Read more

Shannon Winny

Shanon Winny -- Agronomist, GroWest Ventures

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About FarmQA

FarmQA is a suite of digital tools for agronomists designed to streamline and improve core agronomy service functions. The suite includes an easy-to-use, full-function mobile scouting app and a complete web platform for collecting and displaying information from various sources. FarmQA gives ag advisors a comprehensive picture of what's happening above and below ground, so they can provide better crop and soil recommendations and deliver more services to their growers.

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