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Take Control of Soil Health

With FarmQA, you’ll never miss a field during sampling.

FarmQA is your trusted companion app for planning your spring and fall soil sampling, tracking your sampling task progress, and seeing the lab results – all in a single tool that your growers can use for the next season. Provide precision soil sampling and more efficient agriculture services with FarmQA.

With FarmQA, your soil sampling efforts will be organized, consistent, and simple.

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As simple as 1-2-3

  1. Upload data sets: Import zones, grid, or composite sample layers as KML/KMZ, GeoTiff, or Shape files.
  2. Define locations: Locate the field by map or list, navigate to sampling location, and drop sampling pins.
  3. Manage workflow: Pull up a color-coded sampling map on the fly from any device to see your team’s progress and maximize route and dispatch efficiency.

Getting the whole team on one app will save time and money and ensure sample collection accuracy.

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Grid or Zone, you pick

Some growers want to zone sample their fields, others want to stick with grids. Do both with ease with FarmQA. When creating a soil sampling task, you can programmatically set up a grid sampling plan or use existing imagery from Planet to define zones.

A screenshot of FarmQA defining a soil sampling grid in a grower's field

Geo Tag for Reliable Sample Results

Associate your sample results to a geolocation with FarmQA’s barcode scanner. Collect the sample in the field and use the barcode scanner to associate that sample with the location. Your lab test results will be associated with that point when they’re imported to your FarmQA account.

A screenshot of FarmQA mobile displaying a field with soil sample locations marked

Keep Your Team on Task

Assign tasks to better manage and coordinate your team within FarmQA. Whether you’re in the office or on the road, you can assign sampling tasks to the members of your organization that they can complete from the FarmQA mobile app. See immediately the work that’s done and what’s outstanding. Easily reassign or distribute tasks for better workload balancing.

A screenshot of FarmQA mobile that is displaying tasks specifically for agriculture

Field Metrics and Analytics

When combined with FarmQA Analytics, you get a powerful solution for visualizing comprehensive soil health information at the farm level. Through intuitive data visualization tools, you gain valuable insights into soil conditions, nutrient levels, and overall soil health.

Make informed decisions by identifying trends, patterns, and variations within their fields. By effortlessly transforming complex data into clear visual representations, FarmQA Analytics empowers you to optimize land management strategies, enhance crop yields, and promote sustainable agricultural practices.

Learn more about FarmQA Analytics
A screenshot of FarmQA showing the analytics metric view of soil sample results across multiple fields, color coded by the average amount of Nitrogen found in the soil sample

Better with Amity Technology Soil Samplers

Amity Technology offers a wide range of automated hydraulic soil sampler probes and augers for agriculture and environmental test needs with the quality you expect from Amity Technology.

Reduce time in the field at the end of the season by leveraging one of these robust soil sampling tools. The auger style provides a consistent sampling depth is maintained without lifting the mounted vehicle thus providing more consistency. Soil samplers feature:

  • Auger that allows for sampling in a greater variety of conditions such as dry or frozen ground
  • All parts in stock and delivered next day
  • Easily repaired when compared to competing samplers
Learn more Amity Soil Samplers

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