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Are you looking for a solution for your agribusiness? Our customers include independent crop consultants, agronomists, cooperatives, independent grain companies, grain marketing alliances, feed companies, and grain inspection agencies.

With FarmQA you can analyze, adjust, and manage your agronomy consultancy operation more effectively.

$ 600 / agronomist / year

Mobile crop and field scouting

FarmQA provides great access to all of your scouting reports. Quickly see issues across your fields and react to those issues with greater efficiencies.

Use FarmQA on the Web to define your scouting templates for each of your crops and varieties.

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Scouting template designer showing a template being designed

Soil sampling

Save time and money and ensure sample collection accuracy with everyone on one app.

  • Mark and track soil sampling locations
  • Easily navigate to sampling points
  • Upload sampling points, zone maps, and soil test data
  • View soil data trends over time
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Screenshot of FarmQA mobile apps soil sampling capabilities

Uncover Crop Insights with Advanced Satellite Imagery

FarmQA empowers you to choose the satellite imagery that perfectly fits your needs and budget.

  • High-Resolution Options: Select between Sentinel (10m) for broad cost conscious coverage or Planet (3m and .5m) for exceptional detail.
  • Frequent Updates: Gain a fresh perspective on your fields with frequent imagery updates. Planet imagery is updated nearly daily.
  • Actionable Insights: Identify changes easily with clear and informative overlays.
  • Mobile Accessibility: Effortlessly view your chosen imagery on the go with our map layer functionality.

Import Custom Imagery: Bring your preferred imagery directly into FarmQA using map layers. These layers can be generated from your favorite tools, including solutions from GK Technology.

Get Started Today: Contact our support team at +1 701.941.2046 or to unlock the power of satellite imagery with FarmQA.

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A screenshot of FarmQA on the web displaying field data graphically on a map using imagery

Advice and Recommendations

Easily go from scouting to recommendations. With FarmQA, easily write crop treatment recommendations for your grower's crops and streamline the process of going from scouting to chemical recommendations in a snap. Move from just sending text messages, or pen and paper recommendations to digital crop treatment recommendations for your growers.

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Screenshot of the FarmQA mobile app illustrating the usage of Advice and Recommendations.

Tasks for Agribusiness

FarmQA's agricultural-specific task management system offers numerous benefits to agronomists and growers. First, it provides streamlined and efficient task management, allowing people to create, assign, and track tasks easily. This ensures that all critical activities, such as planting, fertilizing, and harvesting, are completed on time and in the most effective manner. Centralized task management eliminates the need for manual tracking methods, reducing errors and enhancing overall productivity.

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Screenshot of tasks in FarmQA

Analytics and Insights

All of the data you want is available in our unique Analytics. With FarmQA Analytics, understand the impact of weather, disease, pest, and the effect of agronomy recommendations.

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Plan for the season, track and manage that information throughout the year. The crop plan enables you to build a shopping list that can be shared with your growers, and proactively schedule tasks and communicate with growers during the season.

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Screenshot of FarmQA' crop and growing season planning tool

John Deere Operations Center™

Integration with John Deere Operations Center™ empowers you and your growers with a seamless, data-driven experience. Effortlessly sync your vital agricultural information, optimize decision-making, and drive efficiency, all within a single, user-friendly platform.

Icon representing John Deere Operations Center

Zone and Variable Rate Prescriptions

Create customized management zones the way you like based on specific parameters such as soil fertility, imagery, or historical yield data. Fine-tune your grower's agronomic practices and apply inputs with precision.

Leverage the comprehensive data collected in FarmQA, including high-resolution Planet imagery, to develop targeted variable rate prescriptions that address the unique needs of each zone. Maximize the efficiency of inputs, minimize waste, and achieve optimal crop performance with FarmQA.

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Icon representing zone creation

Biological Lab Integration

Healthy soil is about more than just chemical treatments, an important part is the biological components of soil. With FarmQA and Biome Makers you can set the standard for soil health unveiling the work of the living microbial networks in your soil.

Watch the webinar to learn more about how Biome Makers, 3Bar, and FarmQA can help make healthy soil for you.

Watch the Biome Makers, 3Bar and FarmQA webinar
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Make spraying decisions with confidence using the most accurate platform available.

Weather cannot be controlled, but it can be tracked closely to make timely management decisions.  Use FarmQA's highly accurate weather platform as an agronomy tool for monitoring conditions such as growing degree days, evapotranspiration, dew point, precipitation, wind speed, and other  management triggers like pest or disease.

FarmQA's weather forecasts let you handle problems before they occur. Forecast catastrophic frost, or use with FarmQA AquaSpy probes to reduce irrigation with forecasted evapotranspiration data.

Screenshot of field specific weather conditions

Journals and events

With our journals, all of the information about your fields is available at your fingertips: what was planted, when it was scouted, what treatments were applied, and much more.

Screenshot of FarmQA on the web, showing field journals.

Professional reports

You're an agronomy pro, so look like it with FarmQA's professional scouting reports and recommendations. Send PDFs to your customers, or just let them log into see the details online. Whatever you prefer.

Illustration of various reports generated by FarmQA

Complete farm mapping

Unlock the power of precision with FarmQA's advanced farm mapping solution. Our platform offers seamless farm mapping capabilities, allowing you to digitally map your fields with unparalleled accuracy. FarmQA provides intuitive tools to streamline the mapping process using our mobile app to drive a boundary, draw them using your web browser, or simply sync your field boundaries from John Deere Operations Center.

Visualize your entire operation at a glance, empowering smarter decision-making and optimizing resource allocation. With FarmQA, farm mapping is more than just a task—it's a strategic advantage.

Screen capture of FarmQA's farm mapping solution on both the web and on the FarmQA mobile app

Sensors and device integrations

FarmQA integrates with sensors. Get better and more accurate results with your own weather stations and moisture sensors.

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An illustration of radio waves

Data import services

Need your data imported fast. Just leave that to us. We'll get your field shapes and crops imported quickly and accurately. Let us know when you are in the trial period and we can get that data imported.

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Manage multiple growers with ease

FarmQA is enterprise ready. You can create an organizational structure that maps to your and your customer's needs.

Screenshot of FarmQA on the web illustrating the multiple organizations

Corn yield estimator

For you in the corn belt, we have a great way for you to estimate your customer's corn yields. Our corn yield estimator can be added to any of our scouting templates.

Screenshot of the FarmQA corn yield estimator

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