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Satellite Imagery from FarmQA

You know how important imagery is to your business. So do we at FarmQA, which is why we harness data from renowned sources such as Sentinel and Planet.

FarmQA's advanced imagery tools empower agronomists with a comprehensive view of their grower's fields, providing crucial insights into crop health, soil conditions, and environmental factors. By integrating high-resolution imagery from Sentinel and Planet, FarmQA delivers accurate and timely information, enabling agronomists to make informed decisions that optimize crop management and boost overall agricultural productivity.

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Preventing yield loss

Imagery provides field-level detail on crop health anywhere on Earth. FarmQA's imagery platform allow you to monitor pressure from pests like spider mites early, allowing action to be taken to preserve crops and commodity value.

With FarmQA Analytics, you gain a complete picture of the crop health of your field, including metrics derived from Sentinel or Planet imagery, allowing you to track issues with greater fidelity in the field.

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Save time and reduce costs with directed scouting

With FarmQA, imagery is available on your mobile device. This gives you, the agronomist, the ability to direct your scouting efforts to the most critical areas of a field.

The spatial resolution and global coverage of modern satellite imaging enables directed field scouting that saves time and reduces costs. Satelitte imagery — Daily Satelite, NDVI, NDRE, and MSAVI — is automatically processed for each field and is available offline on the mobile app and within the FarmQA web application.

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Monitor crop development

Using imagery, FarmQA enables you to monitor and verify sustainable management practices such as rotating crops, conservation tillage, or cover cropping.

With satellite imagery, you have a comprehensive overview of your grower's fields that allows them to detect, compare, and verify health issues or growth stages in need of treatment — including side-dress application of nitrogen, watering, fertilization, or pesticide application.

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Better field analytics

By combining FarmQA Analytics with our imagery options, we provide up-to-date information about the condition of crops, this combination of technologies can help farmers to make informed decisions about irrigation, fertilization, and pest control.

For example, our 5-year backfill of imagery plus metrics results in the ability to track NDVI on a field over all of those 5-years.

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Using FarmQA analytics to compare NDVI over a

Easy to set up

FarmQA makes it easy to set up your fields with either Sentinel or Planet imagery. Pick the fields and the map layer — you're ready to go. With FarmQA Analytics, easily set up tracking for average NDVI that allows you to monitor crop health daily.

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