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Daily satellite imagery from Planet

Accelerate decision making with satellite imagery from Planet, the leader in Earth imaging.

With FarmQA, bring Planet imagery and planet health indices into the field for easy access to directed-scouting of crop damage and losses. See the big picture from space into the palm of your hands.

You know the importance of real-time access to the right data when it comes to making informed crop management decisions. That’s why we offer Planet’s global, high-cadence satellite imagery right within the FarmQA platform. Planet is an integrated aerospace and data analytics company that operates history’s largest fleet of Earth-imaging satellites, collecting a massive amount of information about our changing planet. Information you need to make better crop planning and health decisions.

Ag service companies and growers understand that access to the right data is essential to support informed crop management decisions. With the reliance on data increasing, high-frequency satellite imagery like that from Planet is emerging as a key source of reliable information for precision agriculture.

Looking for more information, download the Planet one page document on Planet and FarmQA.

Icon representing the globe

Global Coverage

Broad-area coverage of global agricultural regions

Icon of an eye that represents resolution

Field-level Detail

3.5m and .5 m resolution to provides field-level details

Icon representing a clock showing frequent updates

High frequency

Daily in-season revisit rates powered by 175+ satellites

Icon reqpresenting the concept of 5 years of historical imagery

5-years of history

See up to 5-years of history on your fields

The 3m Planet difference

3m resolution satellite images from Planet will capture more detail in the reflectance values of the vegetation than a 10m resolution image, allowing for a more accurate calculation of NDVI values.

Get the precise information you need to make informed decisions about crop management, fertilizer and irrigation needs, detecting pest and disease outbreaks, and optimizing yields.

High Resolution

Get the highest resolution imagery, on-demand.

  • Choose your area of interest: Simply select the region you need an image of on our interactive map.
  • Planet scans on-demand: Planet's satellites will capture a high-resolution image of your chosen area during their next pass.

Frequent data updates

Frequent data means you can address problems early, before large-scale damage is done. A steady supply of satellite imagery can help you detect vegetation issues as soon as they occur, letting you know precisely when and where to act.

Further, by referencing in-field imagery data throughout the season, you'll gain an in-depth understanding of how certain actions affected crop production outcomes that year.

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