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FarmQA Scouting

FarmQA makes it easy to scout any field and any crop

FarmQA Scouting is your digital agronomy assistant for crop and field scouting. Scouting's flexible scouting templates allow the creation of the perfect scouting form to match your precision agriculture operation.

Increase the effectiveness of your crop scouting for row crops as well as specialty crops like fruits, vegetables, hops, or even grapes. There are no constraints because FarmQA Scouting is adaptable.

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Scouting your fields is an excellent way of keeping track of developments such as pest, disease, and weed infestation, along with growth stages, and overall health of your crop. With FarmQA Scouting, you can easily track all of the things you want to track and nothing more. Additionally, your records are safe with us and we never share your data with others.

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$500 / user / month

Crop-specific scouting

Tired of inflexible scouting apps that force you to page through 1000's of conditions that don't apply to your crops? Design your own scouting form with our form designer. Our scouting form designer provides an easy to use interface allowing you to quickly create the scouting form you need for any crop.

An innovative live preview shows you what the scout will see as you make changes.

You can define templates for each different crop you grow and even specify different templates for specific problem fields. Whatever you want, you can do with our flexible crop-specific scouting designer.

Editing a scouting template in FarmQA Controller

Generate PDF reports

FarmQA Scouting has a complete reporting solution for your operation. PDF report generation allows your farmers to see at a glance the situation and send that report to your growers. All of your annotations and photos are included.

Example of PDF reports both on the web and on mobile

Capture photo and map annotations

FarmQA Scouting takes geo-tagged photos, attaches them to the scouting report and makes them available for review in FarmQA Controller, our cloud based agronomy platform.

Need to know precisely where an issue is? Precisely annotate the extent of the issue and its exact location. Our draw on map capability allows you to annotate the where a field issue is and the extent issue. This allows you to better communicate to your growers where the issues are in the field for quick resolution.

Example of map annotations and photos

Efficient data collection

Optimized for touch and mobile, Scouting provides an innovative data collection experience so you can quickly and efficiently record crop conditions.

Replace pen and paper scouting with our innovative app making you more efficient.

Example of data collection on tablet and mobile device

Create and import unlimited fields

Fields can be created and assigned crops within FarmQA Scouting. Easily get up and running with minimal effort. The fields are immediately available within FarmQA Controller for the current growing season.

Already have shape files for all of your fields? No problem. Just send them to us and we'll get them imported.

Each crop or variety can be color coded and displayed on the map, letting you know instantly what is in a field.

Read more about how to create fields

Example of creating fields on mobile

Scout offline

Because not all of your fields are within the range of a cell tower, FarmQA Scouting caches information about your fields and your scouting templates on the mobile device. This allows you to start scouting a remote field and submit the report later when you're back online.

Symbol representing a cell phone tower

Directions to fields

Mark your field entrances, see the distance to any of your fields, and get routing to your fields.

View distances to fields at a glance and easily use your phone's mapping tools to get directions. This is great for seasonal scouts who are not familiar with an area so they can easily go scout fields.

Merge observations from multiple scouts

Sending multiple scouts into a field is no problem. FarmQA Scouting will automatically merge scouting reports from multiple scouts in the same field into a single consolidated report.

Symbol representing the concept of merging reports

Manage multiple farms

Partition your growers and their fields into seperate farms using our organization designer. We support multiple levels not just one each with their own fields and reports.

Screenshot of organization structure

Track unlimited acreage

FarmQA doesn't charge by the acre. FarmQA pricing is based on users and their roles not on the acreage we help you manage.

Screenshot of a large organization map legend showing lots of acres

Specializing in specialty crops

Here is a sample of the crops monitored by FarmQA Scouting

  • Apple
  • Avocado
  • Grass
  • Hemp
  • Hops
  • Pineapple
  • Potato
  • Rice
  • Soybean
  • Strawberry
  • Sugar Beet
  • Sunflower
  • Walnut
  • Wheat
  • Wine grapes
Learn more about supported crops
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One on one support

We offer one on one support for all of our customers. We also like to think that we're very responsive to customer requests. Our turnaround for small feature requests and issues is generally within a week maybe longer if the problem is a bit more tricky.

Symbol of a person with a headset representing a support person

FarmQA Scouting Features

Customizable scouting templatesYes
Field boundary creationYes
Offline supportYes
Photos and map annotationsYes
Support for multiple farmsYes
PDF ReportsYes
Support for any cropYes
Distance to fieldsYes
Data privacyYes
Custom logos on reportsYes
Multiple observations for a fieldYes
Innovative template designerYes
Unlimited acreage for one low priceYes
Turn by turn navigation to fieldsYes
Send PDF scouting reports from mobile Scouting appYes
Access historical scouting reports in mobile appYes
Merge observations from multiple scouts into a single reportYes

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