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Crop and Field Planning

Seamlessly plan, track, and collaborate year-round with FarmQA's comprehensive crop planning solution.

Plan for the season, and track and manage that information throughout the year. The crop plan enables you to build a shopping list that can be shared with your growers. It also allows you to proactively schedule tasks and communicate with growers during the season.

With FarmQA planning, you have the tools not only to plan for the season but also to actively track and manage that information throughout the year. Construct a shopping list that can be shared with your growers to proactively schedule tasks and communicate with them during the season.

Template definition

Ensure your fields are prepared for the growing season, regardless of the crop being planted, by:

  • Creating customizable step-by-step crop plans: Tailor your management plan with as many steps as needed.
  • Incorporating various management practices: Include steps for fertility, planting, herbicide application, and more, to fully capture your field's management plan.
  • Loading each plan step with specific products: Identify the products you'll be applying at each step.
  • Setting application rates: Predefine the rates for these products to eliminate the need for double-checking when it's time to apply them.
A screenshot of the FarmQA crop plan template editor
The fully customizable crop plan template streamlines the management plan for each field.

Product Shopping List

Determining the cost of your crop plans is straightforward for you and your growers:

  • Set Prices for Each Product: Input prices for each product in the shopping list
  • Automatic Calculations: We automatically calculate the total prices for both individual products and the entire plan
  • Export Capabilities: Easily export your shopping list to a spreadsheet for convenient sharing
  • Coop- or Retailer-Ready: Take the exported list to your coop or retailer, or share it with your growers to provide a clear understanding of the chemical prescriptions' costs
Screenshot of FarmQA's shopping list and PDF report
Create custom crop plans and apply to the appropriate fields including seed and fertility treatments. Use the plan to generate a shopping list for your grower

Track and mananage your crop plan's workflow

Ensure adherence to your crop plan during the growing season and gain valuable insights for future planning:

  • Monitor Progress: Regularly view the progress of your plans for each field you manage throughout the season.
  • Chemical Recommendations: Directly write chemical recommendations from your crop plan using the FarmQA web or mobile app. These recommendations will automatically include the products and amounts specified in your crop plan.
  • Task Creation: Easily create tasks once a recommendation has been made for a particular crop plan step, streamlining the management process.
  • Gain Insights for Future Planning: The real benefit comes from the insights gained, allowing for adjustments and improved guidance for the next season.
A screenshot of crop plan progress
Stay on track by creating fertility recommendations, assigning tasks, and keeping your fields managed.

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