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Variable Rate Prescriptions and Management Zones

Unleash the Power of Precision with Variable Rate Technology

Get the most out of every acre with FarmQA's variable rate prescriptions and management zones. Our innovative software empowers you to create customized management zones based on high-resolution satellite imagery and write data-driven prescriptions for sprayers, seeders, and other applicators.

Apply inputs only where they're most needed, reducing waste and optimizing your budget. Minimize environmental impact by using fertilizers and other resources responsibly. Target specific needs within each zone to maximize crop health and overall yield.

A computer showing the FarmQA solution with 5 management zones created from satellite imagery.

Effortless Zone Creation from Imagery

Leverage Planet imagery integration within FarmQA to create custom zones within your fields. NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index) data helps identify areas with varying fertility, moisture levels, or crop health.

  • Imagery Integration:FarmQA seamlessly integrates with Planet or Sentinel imagery, allowing you to bring high-resolution satellite images into your fields.
  • Custom Zones: Utilize imagery to create custom management zones for your fields.
  • Interpolation Methods: FarmQA offers three interpolation methods for zone creation: Equal Interval, Quantiles, and Natural Breaks.
An farm field with zones mapped to squares that match a variable rate applicator.

Data-Driven Prescriptions

With your zones defined, create variable rate prescriptions that precisely target specific needs within each zone. Apply the right amount of inputs, maximizing yield and minimizing waste.

Zone-Based Prescriptions: Once you've created management zones, FarmQA enables you to write variable rate prescriptions tailored to specific zones.

These prescriptions guide variable-rate seeding, fertilization, or pesticide application. Adjust inputs based on the unique needs of each zone.

Seamless Implementation of the Prescription

Export your prescriptions for direct use on your equipment via a standard shapefile export allowing you to effortlessly implement your plan.

Load the prescriptions into your machinery equipped with variable-rate technology.

Implement the prescribed rates during planting, fertilization, or spraying.

Icon representing how easy it is download your variable rate prescriptions from FarmQA to any variable rate machinery.

Beyond the Basics

Track your results and analyze the impact of variable rate practices. FarmQA empowers you to continuously refine your approach for future seasons, optimizing yield and profitability using our analytics engine.

Compaction Data: FarmQA also allows you to create variable rate compaction prescriptions using data collected from your Amity CTS-1000 unit. Optimize soil compaction management for better yields.

Existing Zones: If you already have management zones, simply import them into FarmQA and focus on writing prescriptions.

A photo of the Amity Technology CTS-1000 compaction testing unit that can be used to test for compaction and then the data uploaded to FarmQA for creation of management zones and variable rate prescriptions.

Remember, precision agriculture isn't just about uniform treatments—it's about tailoring actions to the unique characteristics of each field zone. FarmQA's variable rate prescriptions and management zones empower you to optimize productivity while minimizing inputs.

Contact us today to learn more about how variable rate prescriptions and zones can revolutionize your farm.

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