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Send a scouting report to growers in FarmQA

As an agronomist, it is easy in FarmQA Scouting to send a scouting report to a grower via text message, email or any other supported app on your phone. Just follow the easy steps outlined below, or watch our video.

Screenshot of FarmQA Scoutihg with Advice, showing the selection of a report to send
  1. Log into FarmQA Scouting
  2. Tap on Scouting in the bottom navigation
  3. Find the report you want to send, and tap on it
Screenshot of a FarmQA Scouting with Advice, showing the various report options
  1. The next screen shows several report options that you can use to customize how the report is displayed to the grower.
  2. After choosing the desired report options, tap Share...
Screenshot of various options on iOS to send a FarmQA Scouting report to
  1. The next screen that will be displayed is your phone's interface for sharing items
  2. Just tap the appropriate option and a link to the report will be sent

For more information on using FarmQA, see our support page for details.

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Ben Munson

Senior Technology Specialist

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