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FarmQA Adds Maps Layers to Expand Ag Tech Suite

Crop advisors and growers gain timely advice via advanced visualizations

Fargo, ND — June 2, 2021 — FarmQA, an ag tech company that builds digital tools for agronomists, today announced the general availability of map layers for the FarmQA suite.

The map layers feature provides advanced spatial layer visualizations within FarmQA. This capability allows users to easily import spatial data layers generated from other precision ag tools, such as Planet satellite imagery, into FarmQA. Once imported, the visualizations can be viewed with the FarmQA web or mobile app, equipping agronomists and soil consultants with more of the data they need to diagnose challenges and problems.

Display fertility results with zone maps to see performance of variable rate application of fertilizer and seed.

“With the addition of layers, I’m now able to view a variable rate seed map as the background while I check plant populations in the field,” says Josh Hammond, agronomist and owner of FarmAssist Consulting in Dickinson, North Dakota. “This helps me target exactly where I need to be counting for each zone so I can get reliable information.”

Integration with Planet satellite imagery enables agribusinesses with a Planet satellite imagery subscription to easily import current global agriculture imagery into FarmQA. Planet imagery is automatically processed for each field and available offline on mobile and within the FarmQA web application.

View the NDVI map layer for directed scouting to determine current position relative to crop canopy, plant stand populations or weed density.

“Planet and its subscription API are a great fit with FarmQA map layers,” says Paul Bramel, vice president of engineering, FarmQA. “Planet’s ability to send us just the information that our customers are interested in reduced the amount of code we needed to write and enabled us to get the processed images into our customers’ hands as quickly as possible.”

Features and benefits of map layers include the ability to:

“Our engineering team continues to expand and improve the functionality for crop consultants,” says Howard Dahl, founder and CEO at FarmQA. “And this release provides further proof of our commitment to listen to our customers and use their feedback to guide our product roadmap. Map layers takes us one step further towards getting all data that’s meaningful to an agronomist under one roof.”

Import electrical conductivity (EC) data and topography maps to diagnose problems in the field like water erosion and to help with nutrient management.

Map layers is included with a FarmQA Agronomist subscription for no additional fee as part of special 2021 introductory pricing. Using Planet imagery within FarmQA requires a Planet subscription. For more information on FarmQA map layers, visit

For more information checkout the topics adding map layers and viewing map layers.

About FarmQA: FarmQA is a suite of digital tools for agronomists designed to streamline and improve core crop consulting functions. The suite includes an easy-to-use, full-function mobile scouting app and a complete web platform for collecting and displaying information from various sources. FarmQA gives ag advisors a comprehensive picture of what's happening above and below ground, so they can provide better crop and soil recommendations and deliver more services to their growers. To learn more, visit and follow us on Twitter at @farm_qa.

Brian Glaeske

Director of Product and User Experience

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