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FarmQA Partners with Planet for High Resolution Daily Satellite Imagery

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Fargo, ND — May 17, 2022 — FarmQA today announced a partnership with Planet Labs PBC, a leading provider of global, daily satellite imagery, to deliver real-time data and further equip agronomists, crop consultants, and growers with the field-specific imagery they need to diagnose problems and more effectively plan for seeding, treatment, and harvest activities.

FarmQA customers with a Planet subscription were previously able to import Planet data into FarmQA using the FarmQA Map Layers functionality. With this new global partnership, FarmQA customers can license near-daily satellite imagery from FarmQA directly with no minimum purchase required. In addition, those with FarmQA Viewer access can view the imagery using the FarmQA mobile app. This extended access equips growers with an affordable way to spot crop health or other issues in near real time.

“We are pleased to offer our clients access to Planet’s global, high-cadence satellite imagery. The additional benefit for our customers is that they can select specific fields for which they want to bring in data,” said Paul Bramel, Vice President of Engineering, FarmQA. “With the option to select and limit, we are able to affordably provide data-rich imagery specifically where it’s most valuable to our customers.”

Whether licensed from Planet or FarmQA, Planet imagery is automatically processed for each field and available offline on the mobile app and within the FarmQA web application. Additionally, FarmQA Analytics enhances the value of Planet imagery by pinpointing problem areas as defined by the customer. For consultants and growers with large acreage, this capability can be a real time and crop saver.

With FarmQA, daily images from Planet are available on your mobile device, enabling you to easily direct scouting efforts to most needed areas of a field.

“Our goal has always been to use technology to help agribusinesses not only be more efficient at what they do, but to enhance the services they provide to their growers,” says Howard Dahl, founder and CEO at FarmQA. “This partnership provides further proof of our commitment to listen to our customers and understand where we can continue to add the most value to their service offering.”

Ag service companies and growers understand that access to the right data is essential to support informed crop management decisions. With the reliance on data increasing, high-frequency satellite imagery like Planet’s is emerging as a key source of reliable information for precision agriculture, providing the ability to:

Read for more information about the value of the FarmQA and Planet partnership.

Brian Glaeske

Director of Product and User Experience

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