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FarmQA Summer Feature Updates

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Easily track field specific information with field notes

Each field is unique and has its own features that are important to know about. Maybe there’s a spot in the southeast corner that tends to be muddy, or a low-yielding spot on a backslope by the barn. Whatever it might be, you can capture that information now with FarmQA’s field notes feature. Setup notes that will appear for fields in individual growing seasons, or more general information that can be accessed during any growing season.

Add legal descriptions to your fields

The more information you can easily access about your fields, the better. That’s why FarmQA added a feature that will automatically associate your fields with their proper public land survey system (PLSS) legal description. Fields with added legal descriptions will display their associated township, range, and section. While the legal description is the default for this feature, you can fully customize the text that appears in the legal description box to add any information that you want to associate with the field.

Screenshots of FarmQA on the web and mobile
The legal description on both the web and mobile app is found by tapping the field information header

Put legal disclaimers on your scouting reports and recommendations

You can now have custom messages displayed at the bottom of your scouting reports and/or recommendations. One of the most useful applications for this is going to be adding legal disclaimers to your chemical recommendations. Make sure your applicators and growers are aware of the precautions they need to taken when working with the chemicals you recommend.

We’ve added insect traps to FarmQA

Screenshot of FarmQA mobile showing insect trap locations
Insect trap locations on mobile can be found by turning on the insect trap layer for a field.

On top of scouting and soil sampling locations, you can now setup insect trap locations in your FarmQA account. Insect traps can easily be accessed from the FarmQA mobile scouting app so your scouts can easily locate them within the field. Scouting reports made in the field can also be associated with your insect trap locations so you can easily access a season’s worth of scouting reports at that point.

Easily calculate plant populations

Plant population is important for FSA and crop insurance reporting, but it can also be tricky to do the required math in field. FarmQA has taken the math out of the equation by adding a plant population calculation feature. Given just a few simple inputs, we’ll tell you what your plant population is in a per acre basis.

Save time with batch scouting

If you’re scouting a bunch of fields during the same day, it can be monotonous and time consuming to fill out reports for each field that all essentially look the same. FarmQA lets you scout any number of fields simultaneously with our batch scouting feature. Just select the fields you want to scout, fill out a single scouting report, and you’re on your way.

View your data at a glance with the new Analytics dashboard

The data you collect with FarmQA analytics can provide great insights into what’s happening in your fields, but it can be easy to get lost in all the data you have. FarmQA’s new dashboard feature lets you display the metric visualizations that are most important to you. You can even create multiple dashboards to store all your visualizations for related metrics, like having one for pests and one for crop development.

Screenshot of FarmQA showing an analytics dashboard
FarmQA's Analytics dashboard can be used to display great insights on your fields and crops

Nick Birkhimer

Technology Specialist

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