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FarmQA Late Summer Updates

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Exporting Field Boundaries

For our users who use FarmQA to store all their field boundaries, it’s important to be able to download those boundaries for use in other programs. That’s why FarmQA now lets enterprise administrators export their field boundaries. Easily download your field boundaries as .KMZ files that can be imported and used in other popular farm management programs.

Place Custom Markers in your Fields

FarmQA’s scouting locations markers come loaded with locations where you took soil samples, the location of your insect traps, and general scouting observations by default. We understand that these aren’t going to cover every use case, so we’ve added the ability for you to add custom location marker types to your account. This could include everything from identifying patches of specific weeds to marking where the lift stations are in your fields.

Planet Backfill and Export of Images

Get the most out of your annual Planet subscription with historical imagery backfill. No matter when you subscribe for a year of Planet imagery, we’ll backfill historical imagery to a date within that year of your choosing.

Custom filters for Scouting Reports

The filters available in the FarmQA scouting app make your scouting reports easy to locate. We’ve just added a custom time filter to sort your submitted scouting reports based on a timeframe of your choosing.

Calculate your Grape Yields

Not only has FarmQA added a general calculated question for calculating plant populations in the FarmQA scouting app, but we’ve added one for our wine growers as well. All you need to do is determine the number of vines per acre, the average clusters per vine, and the average cluster weight and we’ll automatically calculate your fields grape yield in tons per acre.

Nick Birkhimer

Technology Specialist

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