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FarmQA Feature Update March 2023

Maybe this is something, but FarmQA rocks

No time for small talk. We've got five big features to share, so let's dive in!

1. No More Missed "To-dos" with Tasks on the Mobile App

FarmQA tasks available on both mobile and desktop

Tasks for applying chemical products, making deliveries, scouting fields, taking soil samples, or reviewing other organization member’s work can be created and assigned to any member within your FarmQA account. Tasks can then be accessed and completed from your laptop or from the FarmQA mobile app.

This feature is still in Beta, so if you’re interested in trying tasks, reach out to FarmQA Support and we’ll help you set up a trial!

2. Manage a Week's Worth of Tasks with New Daily Tasks Page

Manage your team from the new daily task page.

Want a hand in visualizing your organization's workflow? FarmQA's daily task page gives you a bird's eye view of the tasks that you and the members of your team have to tackle over a seven-day period. Tasks can be moved to different days or reassigned to other users depending on the workflow that makes your operation the most efficient.

3. Grid-based Soil Sampling Makes Precision a Cinch

Scan barcodes and associate them with sample locations.

With our new grid soil sampling functionality, you can easily set up grid sampling points for you or your users to sample from your laptop or your smartphone. These points can then be navigated to with your FarmQA mobile app, where you can use our barcode scanner to associate your sample’s barcode with the sampling location. When your samples come back from the lab, we’ll automatically associate that data with your sampling points to give you a comprehensive map of the soil conditions across our fields.

4. Turn NDVI Imagery into Actionable Management Zones

Get more use out of your imagery and soil samples by turning them into management zones in FarmQA.

Now you can create management zones based on imported soils data or any of our Planet imagery offerings, including NDVI, NDRE, and visual satellite imagery. If you’ve created management zones in another piece of software, you can upload those directly to your fields from the FarmQA web app. Use your management zones to plan soil sampling, field scouting, or use them to directly write prescriptions for your fields.

5. Put Management Zones to Use with New Prescription Writing Tool

Use management zones to write fertility prescriptions.

Whether you’re looking at applying fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, or any other product, easily set the amount of product you want to apply to each of your management zones with our prescription writing wizard. Prescriptions can then either be exported as a shapefile that you can upload to other programs and use to apply your prescription or saved as a profile for use with your other fields.

Ben Munson

Senior Technology Specialist

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