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Safety is Paramount During Harvest Season

The adage, "Safety first," rings particularly true during the intensive sugarbeet harvest season. Regrettably, the industry sees avoidable accidents year after year. Some of these mishaps result in serious injuries, and on rare occasions, fatalities. However, the good news is that most accidents are preventable with proper precautions.

According to the Minnesota department of agriculture, “Thousands of farmers, family members, and farm workers are injured and hundreds die in farming accidents every year in the United States.” The agricultural sector is among the most hazardous industries, and tractor overturns are the leading cause of farm-related deaths. This statistic underscores the dire need for enhanced safety measures, especially during harvest season.

Following is a list of helpful measures to employ for accident prevention.

Essential Safety Precautions

Safety Resources

State websites and extension departments offer numerous resources to assist in establishing and reinforcing safety measures on your farm. As the sugarbeet harvest approaches, consider utilizing the following local resources from Minnesota and North Dakota. These platforms provide valuable videos and tools:

Safety from Start to Finish

Every phase of the harvest process must prioritize safety above all. As the day winds down, let's ensure that we never have to regret not making safety our top concern.

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Dr. Al Cattanach

Director of Agronomy

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