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Get the Most out of FarmQA: Tips for Accurate Field Boundaries

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Drive straighter lines and create more precise field maps with the FarmQA mobile app. Whether you're using FarmQA for variable rate seeding, creating application zones, or calculating field area, accurate boundaries are essential. We see differences in GPS accuracy from device to device. Here are some key tips and tricks to ensure your FarmQA field maps are on point:

Understanding GPS Accuracy

Most smartphones prioritize battery life, and this can affect GPS accuracy. Apple devices, in particular, may rely on Wi-Fi and cell towers to estimate location when in power-saving mode, reducing precision. Here's how to combat this:

External GPS for Enhanced Precision

The Garmin GLO-2 is an
inexpensive external GPS.

For ultimate accuracy, consider using an external GPS receiver. This offloads the location tracking from your phone's internal GPS, allowing you to turn off the phone's GPS entirely, maximizing battery life and ensuring the most precise data capture.

Additional Pro Tips

Brian Glaeske

Director of Product and User Experience

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