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AquaSpy moisture monitor in a field

Soil moisture monitoring

FarmQA integrates with AquaSpy's unique sensor system and smart information technology helps save water, reduce nitrogen leaching, maximize crop yield, and reduce pumping and fertilizer costs. This means increased profits for your grower's businesses.

  1. Optimize crop health
  2. Reduce input costs
  3. Increase yields
  4. Increase profitability
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Amity Soil Sampler attached to an ATV sampling soil

Automated soil sampling

Reduce time in the field at the end of the season with Amityrobust soil sampling units. Auger-style probes provide a consistent sampling depth, maintained without lifting the mounted vehicle. A wide range of probes and augers are available for all your agriculture and environmental testing needs.

And because these units are built by Amity Technology, you know they are made with quality. There are 4 models to choose from.

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FarmQA CTS-1000 mounted on the back of a pickup truck.

Soil compaction testing

Ensure your crops have room to grow with our soil compaction testing unit. Soil compaction prevents vital nutrients and elements from getting to the plant roots. Losses of N to groundwater and the atmosphere also is greater in compacted soil. The Amity Technolgoy CTS-1000 soil compactor measures soil compaction efficiently and easily in all your fields so that you can determine the best plan of action for optimal yields.

Combine soil compaction testing with soil sampling for the most complete view of your soil makeup.

  1. Accurately measure compaction at depth
  2. Compaction mapping and analysis
  3. Mobile application captures location and compaction information
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Amity Technologies' Nitro-Bars installed on a sprayer.


FarmQA Nitro-Bars are the most cost-effective stream bars on the market to make in-season liquid nitrogen applications even and accurate. By doing so the risk of nitrogen loss to volatility, burning crops, and over applying is reduced.

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