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We built FarmQA with the agronomist in mind. We understand that field reporting is more than just scouting. Our mobile application allows you to have the convenience of your data anytime and anywhere. With FarmQA, we are able to assist any agronomist in any field. FarmQA is available for any Apple or Android device.

That said, FarmQA is much more than a scouting app and scouting solution. FarmQA provides agronomists with a toolset that helps with core activities like:

Improved productivity on and off the field

All team members have access to all scouting reports anywhere and at any time. It allows anyone to easily access information about what fields were missed or where there were any problems.

FarmQA provides agronomists, scouts, and growers with many tools to improve productivity. Here are some features we can provide a team with to improve productivity on and off the field.

Improved productivity for growers

FarmQA is not just for agronomists and scouts, it also provides significant value to growers. The grower portal within FarmQA brings huge potential for improved grower productivity in the field. Growers are able to get their own login to the app which allows them to pull up the reports and recommendations that were submitted on their fields.

With the FarmQA mobile app, less time is spent submitting and looking for data so the team can work more effectively in the field.

Customizable field report templates

Customizable field report templates are available for all types of fields, making it easier to tailor the specific needs for any field. FarmQA allows for any team member to be in the driver seat when it comes to editing forms so that the data captured is relevant to a specific operation.

Agronomists can customize their scouting forms which ensure the data (insects, weeds, disease) that is pertinent to their area is being tracked. Additionally, they can customize what data type gets used to collect the data (ie. if an agronomist likes text inputs vs. numeric vs. pick list.)

Questions can be removed or added to each template for any crop specific need or recommendation. Templates can even be tailored throughout the season to always stay relevant to what will be seen in the field. Agronomists can make changes to a template and the scouts will get that update in realtime. An agronomist can also include "hints" into the template that only his scouts will see. This is an attempt to take the subjective nature out of scouting.

For those who prefer, FarmQA also features a voice-to-text and hand free option. Our customizable templates provide an agronomist with more than a scouting solution. FarmQA provides the tools so that an agronomist can easily write a recommendation using their knowledge and the other data they've captured within FarmQA.

Field data in real time

With so many fields and multiple assignments always happening, it is easy for data to become misrepresented simply because of human error. FarmQA allows an agronomist to update field reports in real time with accurate data right away. Scouts have the ability to take pictures in the field, then Agronomists can immediately review the reports before they are sent to growers.Real time reporting provides the whole team with immediate accurate information without a scout needing to return to a field.

Simple mistakes in reporting typically happen when a scout isn’t able to immediately report their findings. All current and past reports can be pulled up from a mobile device. Once a report is finished, it can be uploaded and submitted in real time for the whole team to see. In addition, all team members have the ability to "share" scouting reports directly from the app. Share options include text, email, or whatsApp.

Field reporting on mobile devices

With FarmQA’s compatibility with mobile devices, it makes it easier than ever to complete a field report with a click of a button. We designed our app with mobility in mind because by nature, agronomy depends on mobility for success. Offline features are also available for areas where there is not a strong cell signal. While scouting and reporting offline, the only difference will be that an agronomist can edit and save reports but not submit them. Once the cellar connection returns, the data collected can be shared.

Navigation features

Easily complete a field report from a mobile device

  1. Select a field.
  2. Click the blue plus button to add observation.
  3. Fill out the customized form designed for that crop and time of season.
    1. Numeric slides, date picker, map notations, open text, and photos can all be added. These features allow a user to mock up a map with pins, polygons, and lines to better illustrate problem areas.
    2. Blank templates are also available.
  4. Note any issues seen in the field.
  5. Save and submit changes.

Remember that you know what questions to ask in your field better than anyone else. This is why we make the templates 100% customizable to you. Still have questions? Click here for a more detailed tutorial.

FarmQA allows you to easily manage all of your fields whether you are in the field or not. From scouting to crop planning, FarmQA helps you take care of every detail so you can focus on the bigger picture.

Brian Glaeske

Director of Product and User Experience

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