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FarmQA Feature Update March 2024

Maybe this is something, but FarmQA rocks

Sentinel-2 Imagery Now Available for Weekly Field Insights

Screenshot of Sentinel 2 imagery within the FarmQA agronomy platform

Sentinel imagery is also available on mobile. Read more about FarmQA imagery.

Track Spray Records On-the-Go (Mobile)

You can now access FarmQA spray records from the FarmQA mobile app. Spray records are automatically generated when users complete a recommendation in the FarmQA mobile app. All your spray records can be viewed and exported from your FarmQA mobile app and easily shared with your growers.

Scouting Reports Get a Picture-Perfect Upgrade

With this update, your reports can provide growers with a clearer and more comprehensive picture of their fields, allowing them to make better decisions. New options include:

Save Time Writing Prescriptions with Profiles

Streamline your prescription writing process by creating prescription profiles. Each profile stores the attributes you typically include in prescriptions, such as herbicides and fertilizers. Simply build the profile once, then apply it to future prescriptions to automatically populate those fields, saving you valuable time.

Crop Planning Updates Provide Flexibility

These latest updates empower you with greater control over your crop plans:

Photo of Ben Munson

Ben Munson

Senior Technology Specialist

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