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Summer 2021 Feature Update

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We have been hard at work since spring! Below are a few of the new features you will now see in FarmQA. Links to additional information or support articles are provided where available.

Map layers

View the NDVI map layer for directed scouting to determine current position relative to crop canopy, plant stand populations or weed density.

We've made great progress on adding map layers in the product to allow you to upload and view imagery such as NDVI, Sampling locations, Sampling data, slope, and yield information on the web and on mobile. Mobile is particularly exciting because the layer data is available offline as well as online so even if you have poor connectivity, the map layers will be there. Learn more.

How To Articles:

Planet Integration

We also have a new integration with Planet Imagery. With our Planet imagery, you can easily get daily satellite updates on all of your important fields. Planet imagery is integrated into our Map layer capabilities and is available offline as well as online for mobile and the web. Learn more.

Township and Section Display

A township section overlay in FarmQA

For those in the United States (but not the original 13 states or Texas), we have added the ability to see Township and section lines and labels. Learn more.

How to Articles: Township Section Overlay

Recommendations Enhancements

Other new capabilities

Notable bug fixes

We like to get input from our customers about ways to make FarmQA work better for you. Please email your feedback and suggestions to

Brian Glaeske

Director of Product and User Experience

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