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Empowering Crop Consultants: FarmQA Launches Planning Module for Enhanced Grower Services

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Fargo, ND — January 18, 2024 — FarmQA, an ag-tech company specializing in digital agronomy tools, has officially released FarmQA Crop Planning, a feature designed to empower agronomists and crop consultants to provide comprehensive seasonal planning advice and digital record-keeping services to growers. The announcement was made at FarmQA Day 2024. Over 60 FarmQA customers participated in the company's inaugural customer conference in Fargo, ND.

Howard Dahl, FarmQA founder and CEO, emphasized the importance of the customers' role in FarmQA’s vision. “FarmQA Day gives us a unique in-person opportunity to listen, learn, and continue to build this community of ag consultants. Together, we can continue to provide better service to growers.”

Create custom crop plans and apply to the appropriate fields including seed and fertility treatments. Use the plan to generate a shopping list for your grower.

In today's ever-evolving agricultural landscape, crop consultants and agronomists play a pivotal role in ensuring the success and sustainability of crop production. Their expertise, guidance, and precision in planning are indispensable for growers looking to maximize yields and make informed decisions.

Sr. Technical Specialist, Ben Munson, demonstrated the new planning functionality designed to enhance the productivity of agronomists and crop consultants who provide crop planning services to their grower customers.

“By streamlining the planning function within the FarmQA platform, we’re equipping our customers with the tools they need to not only plan for the season, but to track and manage that information throughout the year. The plan enables them to build a shopping list that can be shared with the grower, and proactively schedule tasks and communicate with growers during the season,” said Munson. “But what’s even more beneficial is the insight they gain to make adjustments and provide better guidance for the next season. Our customers are looking forward to leaving spreadsheets and other back-of-napkin planning activities behind with this release.”

The heart of FarmQA's crop planning functionality is the crop plan template, simplifying and streamlining planning. Consultants can create customized crop plans, considering various parameters like soil fertility and prior year production, ensuring optimal schedules. This technology empowers consultants to apply these plans directly to their grower’s fields, seamlessly integrate shopping lists for required inputs, adjust acreages as needed, and generate actionable recommendations based on data-driven insights.

Additional features and benefits include:

FarmQA's planning module is empowering consultants to offer complete support in today's competitive agriculture industry. This innovative tool enables consultants to navigate modern farming complexities, resulting in improved yields, cost reduction, and enhanced sustainability for growers.

FarmQA planning is available at no additional charge for the 2024 season. Visit for more details.

About FarmQA: FarmQA is a suite of digital tools for agronomists designed to streamline and improve the efficiency of core agronomy service functions, including scouting, recommendation writing, and data analysis. The suite includes an easy-to-use, full-function mobile app and a complete web platform for collecting and displaying information from various sources, including fields, crop scouting reports, weather data, spray records, satellite imagery, and more. FarmQA provides ag advisors like agronomists, crop consultants, and other retail and co-op service providers a complete picture of what's happening above and below ground, so they can provide better crop and soil recommendations and deliver more services to growers. Today FarmQA is being used to manage nearly 17 million global acres of row and specialty crops grown in fields, orchards, vineyards, and greenhouses.

Brian Glaeske

Director of Product and User Experience

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